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When it comes to uptime and patient data, the importance of information technology services in hospital settings cannot be overstated.

Information technology (IT) plays a crucial role in hospital settings. It is important for healthcare providers to be able to use IT tools effectively to improve the delivery of patient care and reduce healthcare costs. Every element of healthcare management, including technology in its many forms, contributes to better workflow for the staff and a higher quality of life for the patient.

That’s how The Mohr Group approaches each new opportunity in this area. We use our technical expertise and unique ability to navigate the more conventional aspects of construction and design when we install and seamlessly integrate your technology solutions.

Improving Quality of Care.

Strong IT capabilities assist hospitals in a number of ways:

Streamlining administrative tasks

IT makes it easier for providers to access information quickly and easily, thereby improving efficiency. We develop creative solutions for the challenges that come with integrating new building technologies. We evaluate current systems and determine which ones to put into use in the new construction.

Improving patient outcomes

By having immediate access to a wide range of data about patients, physicians can make more informed decisions about treatment plans, medication dosages, and other aspects of patient care. This directly results in better outcomes for patients, as well as improved satisfaction among doctors. We produce better experiences that improve provider interactions and patient outcomes by scaling on demand and adapting to changes and challenges in real-time.

Providing better communication

IT tools such as electronic medical records (EMR) allow healthcare providers to securely share information about their patients in real-time, which helps improve the accuracy and quality of care provided. We can assist in the implementation of clinical processes by assessing workflow difficulties and optimizing solutions for maximum efficiency.

Reducing Costs

Cost savings are one of the biggest benefits that hospitals can expect from information technology. IT solutions such as electronic billing systems reduce administrative overhead and improve efficiency, thus lowering overall healthcare spending. We approach each project with a holistic view, working in conjunction with IT, construction trades, technology and medical vendors, and administrative and medical personnel to create efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Improving safety

By having access to data about allergies, medications and other aspects of patient care, healthcare providers can avoid errors that could potentially lead to serious harm. We focus on creating systems that are easily available to minimize downtime and protect against data loss.

IT also improves medical research in hospitals.

Many organizations are using “big data” techniques to analyze massive amounts of healthcare data to identify patterns that could lead to new insights about disease diagnosis and treatment. The Mohr Group can help your hospital take advantage of these big data techniques to improve patient care.

Nurse measuring blood pressure of a senior patient

New technologies are revolutionizing healthcare delivery systems while improving provider interactions and patient results.

Healthcare facility designs and technology implementation strategies must adapt to these changes. From business continuity planning and OAC coordination to deciphering systems integration dependencies, we understand how to work across the stakeholder spectrum to represent technology interests.

IT plays a vital role in today’s healthcare system. By streamlining administrative tasks, improving patient outcomes, providing better communication and reducing costs, IT solutions can help hospitals provide better care for their patients while realizing cost savings. The Mohr Group has the experience and expertise to help your hospital implement these solutions successfully for maximum benefit. Contact us for more information.