Data center with multiple rows of fully operational server racks. modern cloud computing technology concept.

Data Center Facility Site Survey

The Mohr Group recently completed a full facilities site assessment of a Data Center in North Georgia that services a major healthcare provider. The client was looking to review their current data center space and look toward future hosting options.  Data collection from the survey included physical space, security access control, monitoring tools, electrical, generators, fiber and circuits, mechanical and plumbing, and more. As an added value, The Mohr Group provided a 3-D virtual walkthrough with options for hosting space.

This engagement allowed us to assist the client with current state overview, Data Center best practices while assisting with future state roadmapping. Adding the 3-D virtual overview allowed leadership and engineering to review possible hosting footprints remotely. Understanding your current Data Center infrastructure is a mandatory requirement for enterprise roadmapping and possible hybrid cloud direction.  You have to understand what you have before you can move forward with future next steps.

“Conceptional visualizations are a key factor when it comes to the development of ideas and the integration of a design within a pre-existing phase of any given project.  We were able to replicate an existing site and implement boundless proposals to make the data center more efficient and cost-effective.  Creating 3D models, animations and visual stills gives us an alternative way of providing a service, it is an additional tool that not many can provide.”  States Jeffrey Poggio, Implementation and Design Lead for The Mohr Group. The Mohr Group constantly strives to offer new dimensions of client support. Visit our site for more information on this technology and all of the services we offer.