Site Surveys

Going Beyond the Details

Customized site surveys to meet the clients needs​.

Every detail counts when it comes to successful technology integration. Whether it’s building a new hospital or clinic, an expansion of your footprint through acquisition, or upgrading an existing facility’s infrastructure or end-user technology, The Mohr Group takes great pride in assembling the information you need to succeed.

We deliver a comprehensive package that includes both an executive level summary of the data and the most granular details, allowing you to zoom in or out as needed. We assess current conditions – low voltage, core devices, and end-user technology – and take note of environmental and structural factors that will influence decisions. We also recommend next steps to maintain the momentum of your project.

Successful outcomes depend on precise and efficient data collection. With best-in-class tools, processes, and subject matter expertise, we look forward to partnering on your unique scope of work.

Fact Gathering.

Meet with client and determine scope of work.


Put together a comprehensive plan of action based on our client’s requirements.


Remote and on site teams work together to execute site survey and deliver a complete package of deliverables that go beyond our client’s expectations.