The Mohr Group put their core ideals and values to the test on a unique client – themselves. They applied their unique methodology and disciplines to an in-house project, remodeling their first corporate condo. 

Although this was an internal project, the team pulled out all the stops and made it a fun and educational team building event. They assigned the project as a client and followed all the steps they normally would if it was done outside of The Mohr Group, including pre-sales, design review, project management, budget review, technology integration and logistics as well as punch list, customer validation, and Day 1 support.

The Mohr Group needed a space to use as a home base for team members who travel to south Florida – centrally located between several clients. They wanted to design their space as a place to find inspiration and a sense of relaxation, all while being highly productive.

There is ample space for 6-8 team members to collaborate in the main area, which houses a large table that can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people and their laptops. It is also a great space to spread out a large set of blueprints to review for an upcoming project.

The main area provides a large TV and white board and different types of seating. The bedrooms are designed as a flex space to be used as a private area to take conference calls or work on deliverables and of course as a place to rest. Everything in the condo is designed to be wireless to give team members the flexibility to work from all areas of the condo, including the outside balcony located off the main area. The balcony is also a great place to recharge and soak up a little of the Florida sun.

The team used artistic flair to fill the condo with inspirational art to promote synergy and boundless limits. They even have a graffiti wall where the team members can write their own inspirational thoughts.

“It is great to review previous projects for lessons learned but it is always great to work together as a team to push our limits and have the opportunity to play different roles so we can grow. Internal projects like this allow us that opportunity while creating the ultimate team building exercise” says Steve Mohr, Principal Consultant of The Mohr Group.

This project was a success on all fronts and the team is looking forward to using their new oasis.