The Mohr Group steps up to the plate, partners with major force in the healthcare community.

One of the key skills of The Mohr Group is the ability to assimilate and integrate resources, ideas, and proper methods for project delivery. Since the onset of the pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to transition their employees from working remotely, to being back in a brick and mortar setting.

This is especially true within healthcare. The Mohr Group partnered with a major force in the healthcare community with a 6 month staff augmentation to its own in-house IT team, making the transition as seamless and user-friendly as possible. As healthcare professionals make their return to the office, there is a great deal of updating and maintenance to end user devices that needs to be done. There is also hardware asset tracking, configuration of IOTs, maintenance to existing devices, imaging and re-imaging of work laptops/ all in one devices, shipping and receiving of all types of devices between sites that needs to be taken into consideration.

“IT is a complex industry that branches out into many areas that can become overwhelming for some companies. Having The Mohr Group as a partner has helped to facilitate and simplify this process without risking the health and productivity of its employees.” stated Jeffrey Poggio, IT Integration Lead for The Mohr Group.